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Tax Planning

At SCS Growth, we promote proactive tax planning. We believe most business owners would benefit from at least an annual planning meeting to discuss a variety of tax strategies and to plan how to implement each strategy throughout the year. To assist in that goal, we have developed a proprietary tax-planning workbook that contains calculators, questions, info sheets, and record-keeping tools for a variety of deductions. We can either license those materials to your firm, or we can provide the actual consulting support as an integrated part of your firm’s team.

Additionally, we want you to consider SCS Growth your primary tax consulting resource. Our advisers are happy to confidentially discuss basic or complex situations with you and/or your client, especially situations related to income-tax deductions for high-income business owners, strategies surrounding the sale of a large asset or business, and estate tax planning strategies. We love to collaborate with financial professionals from all disciplines to come up with the very best solutions for their clients.

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